Tekashi 6ix9ine kidnapped and robbed by three gunmen, now in hospital

According to TMZ, who talked to sources close to the "Gummo" rapper, 6ix 9ine was shooting a music video in Brooklyn early Sunday morning (July 22).

Rapper Teskashi 6ix9ine has been hospitalized after he was kidnapped, pistol-whipped and robbed.

'We're told the next thing Tekashi knew, he was in the back seat of the auto as the gunmen were driving around, telling him if they didn't get what they wanted from him they would kill him, ' the publication reported, before the men allegedly raided his house. When Tekashi came to he was in the back seat of their vehicle as they were driving around and they told him if they didn't get jewelry and money, they'd kill him.

Two of the men then went into his house and took around $750,000 (£570,000) worth of jewellery and between $15,000 and $20,000 (£11,500 - £15,000) in cash whilst the other guarded the auto. During the drive, Tekashi made a decision to bravely open the door and jump out the auto and one of the gunmen started to chase him but got scared he'd be seen so stopped. They were demanding him to hand over cash and jewelry. The controversial rapper's baby mother and daughter were inside the house but did not get hurt.

The gunmen drove off while Tekashi was in the backseat but he managed to jump out of the auto. At some point 69 was able to open the back door and jumped out. One gunmen began chasing him but gave it up midway.

Our sources say Tekashi jumped in the passenger seat of a stranger's vehicle and pleaded for help.

An ambulance arrived and took the rapper to the hospital, which is where he is now. This comes hours after the rapper released a song with Nicki Minaj called "Fefe".

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