Thai rescuers find missing boys and coach alive in cave

In song and prayer, Thais show solidarity with missing boys

Missing Thai boys 'found alive' in caves, Thai provincial governor says

Teams from the United States, Australia, China and Japan have joined almost 1,000 Thai rescuers at the mountainous location, according to AFP.

Thai soldiers stand at the mouth of Tham Luang cave, at the Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park in Chiang Rai province on July 2, 2018, as the rescue operation continues for a missing children's football team and their coach.

Heavy rain, which had hampered the search since it began over a week ago, has begun to let up in recent days.

The music video has played on national newscasts during round-the-clock coverage of the search and rescue operation at the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in far northern Chiang Rai province. "It's about 3 km from chamber 3 to Pattaya Beach".

Chiang Rai provincial Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn said the 13 were in the process of being rescued, but he cautioned that they were not out of peril yet.

Narongsak explained earlier Monday that fixing rope lines and deploying oxygen tanks along their route will allow the divers to operate.

The football team went into the cave on 23 June after a training session and became stranded when heavy rains cut them off from the entrance.

Teams have been combing the mountainside looking for fissure that might lead to such shafts.

Holland added: "There have been no signs of life for 10 days now and of course, that's devastating for the families who are gathered here at the site of the entrance to the cave, because they know that with every day that passes the chances of those boys coming out alive will diminish".

Additional experts from around the world, including two Chinese teams, have also joined the rescue mission. The football team - the Wild Boars - had ridden their bicycles to the cave, parking them out front.

The cave labyrinth is popular with tourists and for the first kilometer (0.6 miles) or so inside the cavernous entrance, limestone rock formations hug high ceilings, creating an nearly amphitheater-like atmosphere.

Deeper inside, the passages narrow into places the locals warn it's not safe to go.

Thanakorn Ingsilapakul, 15, of Mae Sai Prasitsart school, where six of the missing boys attended, told Reuters he is "really anxious", about his classmate in the cave, "but I am hopeful because my friend is strong".

The boys' parents maintained a constant vigil during the search. Some, enduring the torture of such a long, silent wait, have collapsed in the mud with exhaustion, and been sent to a hospital.

"We're here to support the Thai government in its operation", said Cameron Noble from Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Last Saturday, the soccer team visited the cave after a training session. A flash flood blocked their way out.

Two British cave experts entered the chimney Friday morning, managing to descend to a depth of about 20 meters, before being relieved by another team.

"These are challenging conditions and there's a lot of consideration for safety as well as, the environment outside is contributing to the environment inside", said U.S. Air Force Capt. Jessica Tait, part of a 30-strong U.S. military team assisting in the search operation, referring to the rain that has been flooding the cave.

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