Thailand Cave Mission Accomplished As Rescuers Emerge; ‘2020’ Plans Special Episode

Ekkapol Chantawong and an aunt one of the few remaining relatives he had after an epidemic made him an orphan aged 10

Ekkapol Chantawong and an aunt one of the few remaining relatives he had after an epidemic made him an orphan aged 10

She says it has felt like the whole world was rooting for the boys.

Federation Internationale de Football Association leaders will meet with Thai soccer officials in Moscow on the sidelines of the World Cup final on Sunday.

The group was first found by British divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen on July 2, BBC News reported.

This final mission aims to rescue the last remaining 4 members of the team, as well as their coach.

The rescue operation began Sunday and has been progressing rapidly. The boys' ordeal has captivated the world's attention.

Underscoring the danger behind the mission, Ivan Karadzic said, "They are diving in something considered an extremely hazardous environment". "It's towards only one goal".

"It doesn't matter how much equipment you throw at it or how many dollars you throw at it, you may be reaching the limits of the technology in this particular situation", Anmar Mirza, National Cave Rescue Commission National Coordinator, told Slate on Saturday. Thinking about how they've been kept in a small cave for two weeks, they haven't seen their mums.

Manchester City and England star Kyle Walker has also lent his support, and offered to send the team England shirts following the news of their rescue.

The 31cm-wide custom submarine would make the boys passive participants in the rescue and could potentially shorten the journey, which took divers a total of nine hours in the second successful rescue operation on Monday.

All 12 of the boys trapped in a cave in northern Thailand have now been rescued, along with their 25-year-old coach, according to reports in the Mirror.

Jesada Chokdumrongsuk said that the boys are "healthy and smiling", he added: "the kids are footballers so they have high immune systems". For 17 days, Thai navy SEALS, divers and engineers delivered food, medical care and oxygen to the group while working to free them.

The first eight boys to exit the cave have been recovering in quarantine in Chiang Rai hospital.

In the past two days, eight boys were rescued and are now in a hospital isolation ward while they are tested for any possible infections.

"I can not understand how cool these small kids are, you know?"

Samarn Poonan, 38, a former member of Thailand's elite navy SEAL unit, died last Thursday night as he worked underwater in the cave complex, laying oxygen tanks along a potential exit route.

Thailand's navy SEALs, who played a central part in the rescue effort, wrote on their Facebook page: "We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what".

The submarine is named "Wild Boar" after the name of the football team.

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