The most interesting late development in Trump's Supreme Court derby

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The most interesting late development in Trump's Supreme Court derby

The President's pick sets the stage for a high-stakes showdown with congressional Democrats, which have vowed to fight Trump's nominee tooth-and-nail during the confirmation process. Have not made it final.

Leo said Hardiman of Pennsylvania and Kethledge of MI are "a little bit less known by conservatives". Trump tweeted on Sunday.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, said Monday he will oppose appointing whoever President Donald Trump nominates to the Supreme Court.

National media reports indicate that Trump is considering the pluses and minuses of four finalists, all of them federal appeals court judges: Brett Kavanaugh of Washington, D.C.; Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania; Amy Coney Barrett of IN; and Raymond Kethledge of MI. But the situation appeared to remain fluid. The White House prepared briefing materials on all four.

Alabama, before Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, had not voted for a Democrat to the Senate since the early 1990s. Democratic senators running for re-election in states Trump carried in 2016 will face pressure to back his nominee.

Byrne, R-Fairhope, is considered one of Jones's potential 2020 opponents in what could be a fierce battle for a Senate seat that, before last December's special election, had always been in Republican hands.

While the President's choice of Gorsuch to replace Scalia ensured the iconic conservative justice was replaced with another person highly regarded by conservatives, the vacancy created by Kennedy has given Trump the opportunity to replace a frequent swing vote with a conservative name. The new justice has the potential to entrench conservative control of the Supreme Court for years to come. Barrett, a married mother of seven and a devout Roman Catholic, is a favorite among social conservatives and conservative Christian leaders. At the top of that list is abortion. Both support a woman's right to have an abortion and will be looking for assurances that the nominee would not overturn the Roe v Wade decision establishing abortion rights.

As the president deliberated, the conservative Judicial Crisis Network prepared for a seven-figure advertising buy in four states to support the eventual nominee. Kennedy provided a decisive vote in 2015 on an important fair housing case. "I was not elected to genuflect to the hard right, who are funded by corporate America".

John Roberts now serves as the chief White House correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).

He works for Washington-based lobbying firm Covington & Burling.

The White House hopes Kyl's close ties to Senate Republicans will help smooth the path for Mr. Trump's eventual selection to win confirmation.

Trump is hoping to replicate his successful nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago. The president has spent the days leading up to his announcement discussing the pros and cons of various contenders with aides and allies.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told Trump he believes Kethledge and Hardiman might be easier for the Senate to confirm than either Kavanaugh or Barrett, The New York times reported, citing Republican officials briefed on the conversations. He was also said to be strongly interested in Kavanaugh.

Trump planned to announce his pick Monday night.

She said red state Democrats like Sens. He is hoping to replicate his successful announcement of Justice Neil Gorsuch previous year.

Barrett, confirmed to the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on October 31, has faced opposition by abortion rights groups because she has called Roe v. Wade an erroneous decision.

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