This is why Prince Harry bought Prince Louis a $14,000 christening present

This is why Prince Harry bought Prince Louis a $14,000 christening present

This is why Prince Harry bought Prince Louis a $14,000 christening present

Less than a month later, Meghan married in real life, becoming the Duchess of Sussex in the process.

When other users called her out on it, Noone responded that she deleted it "because it was unintentionally misleading - the Duchess was not in anyway political". Hell, it's probably still pretty insane for her Aunt Meghan too-and she's 36. "I'm a fan of "Suits" and I said to her that I miss it and she said, 'So do I, '" said Moore.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are great with kids. That decision was reportedly made some time ago and was not due to ill health.

The two enjoyed a fun walkabout in Dublin during their first overseas tour in the Emerald Isle, taking time to shake hands and chat with their admirers.

It may seem odd for a father-in-law to do this, but, as Nicholl further explained, the royal family sees Meghan as "an ambassador" and want her to look and feel her best. As Travel + Leisure previously reported, the Duchess' stylish wardrobe has cost the royal family an estimated $1 million.

Moore noted that Meghan appeared "very relaxed and was joking and laughing".

In addition to the godparents and their spouses, Prince Louis' maternal and paternal grandparents attended the christening, along with his aunts and uncles- Prince Harry and Meghan, James and Pippa Matthews, and James Middleton.

Meghan is a known friend of Mouret's and wore a £1,350 version of her dress today on the eve of her nuptials, the one worn this morning is strikingly similar and has an estimated cost of £1,500.

Eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted that the Duchess of Sussex, 36, had left the packaging on the protective studs on the underside of her £475 Strathberry tote as she stepped off the plane at Dublin City Airport on Tuesday evening. "The mistake is on the part of those who have publicised her comments, and the fact that one of them deleted her tweets soon afterwards shows that", Lacey, who is a historical consultant for the Netflix series "The Crown", said.

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