To-play co-op shooter ‘Warframe’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

To-play co-op shooter ‘Warframe’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

To-play co-op shooter ‘Warframe’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

Since it was released for the PC five years ago, Warframe has steadily grown in popularity. Just last month, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé revealed that the console library already had a staggering 700 games available (in just 16 months of the system being on sale) and it seems that Nintendo has absolutely no intention of slowing down. It's known for being very hard, with many complex menus and systems to coordinate. The plot is centered around members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who were kept in a deep cryogenic slumber for centuries.

To celebrate the announcement of the Nintendo Switch edition, Defiant Development released a brand new trailer, which shows off some of the first gameplay from the new edition.

Why should I play Warframe on Switch?

Would you like to see that number of Switch games appear?

A few days after E3 finished, Panic Button, the studio that helped bring Doom, Rocket League and most recently Wolfenstein 2 to Switch, teased that another game would soon becoming to the platform and overnight at TennoCon 2018, it was announced that Warframe was that game. This company has a good track record with creating good Switch games that haven't lost their visual luster. A longer-term "Railjack" expansion will also introduce PvE spaceship combat. "For those things to happen-for the eco-system to be shared-we can not diverge".

"Our goal is cross-platform play", explains Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair. We expect it sometime this year.

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