Trump got a dose of Dutch bluntness from visiting prime minister

Dutch prime minister counters Trump on tariffs ‘It’s not positive

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands interrupted President Donald Trump on Monday as he was saying that tariffs against the European Union would be a "positive" step. Trump responded with reference to his auto tariff.

Mr Trump and Mr Rutte will both be attending next week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meetings.

We're going to see more tariffs, not just because of this interaction, but because Donald Trump is a moron. "We have to work something out".

In a paper released this week, the European Commission said Trump's tariffs would be "self-defeating and would weaken the U.S. economy". Trump said, talking on behalf of his Dutch counterpart. "We have to work something out".

On Sunday, Canada hit the U.S. with almost $13 billion in counter-tariffs after the Trump administration slapped duties on aluminum and steel imported to the US.

Throughout the meeting, Trump also threatened the World Trade Organization (WTO). "Because these six represent values, represent an economic market, and more than anything, represent a real force at the worldwide level today".

The Prime Minister then made the case for an ambitious economic and security partnership with the European Union.

Asked if he planned to pull out of the WTO, Mr Trump said the trade organisation had treated the United States "very badly, and I hope they change their ways".

Nonetheless, the embarrassing photo-op for the president ended on a rather good note. Look at this. He's meeting with Prime Minister Rutte.

The Netherlands' leader will be at the White House amid trade tensions involving the United States and a number of allies. "We are allies. We have always been friends, always been friendly, working closely together".

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