Trump's claim of getting NATO to increase defense spending is challenged

Trump's claim of getting NATO to increase defense spending is challenged

Trump's claim of getting NATO to increase defense spending is challenged

Trump's visit to Britain followed two days of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Belgium, where the USA president shook up the conference with rhetoric about other members failing to meet fiscal defense requirements, the possibility that he could end the United States' 70-year membership in the alliance and Germany being "captive" to Russian energy. The interview was published as Mrs May hosted Mr Trump and Melania for a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace, with the President briefly taking Mrs May's hand as they arrived in a scene reminiscent of the infamous hand-holding shortly after his election.

But by Thursday, leaders from France, Germany and Italy offered no support for Trump's claim that he had wrung new concessions out of the alliance on their military spending. "I made clear that we know that we have to do more and that we have been doing so for quite a while", said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"The deal she is striking is a much different deal than the one the people voted on".

He said that the decision to reach two per cent, which had been very hard to achieve in Bulgaria, would be fulfilled in the term of office of the next government, Radev said.

"I also represent a lot of people in Europe because a lot of people from Europe are in the United States", he said.

Trump claimed victory after bitterly criticizing key allies, notably Germany, for failing to pay their way at one of the most fractious summits in Nato's 70-year history.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, who was doorstepped by reporters in Brussels, said Trump made his comments because he "hasn't yet had a chance to discuss the white paper with the PM".

"I don't think he would have done that if I were president", Trump responded.

Trump, earlier this week, suggested that his meeting with Putin could be the "easiest" stop on his European tour. I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me. The president's searing critiques of the prime minister and her "soft" Brexit plan sent immediate shockwaves across United Kingdom. "We need to show across the world that we are not going to stand for our women's rights, which have been so hard-won and so hard fought for, to be demolished by a monster like Trump".

"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad", he said.

Before his meeting with May, Trump had already dismayed her team by breaching diplomatic protocol and criticizing her handling of Brexit negotiations in his interview with the Sun. "She said: "Don't worry, it's only the press".

In the interview, which took place at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the president also lashed out at the Muslim mayor of London, saying he had done "a awful job".

Trump has also frequently angered British politicians and has been involved in social media spats with London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan who he said had "done a very bad job on terrorism".

The British government on Thursday published its long-awaited Brexit blueprint aimed at restarting stalled talks with the European Union, only for it to be panned by eurosceptics, the City of London and the USA president.

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