Turkey fires thousands of public servants in anti-terror purge

Turkey sacks thousands of public servants for alleged links to terror groups

Turkey fires thousands of public servants in anti-terror purge

It is not clear whether lifting of state of emergency means going back to pre-July 2016 conditions in Turkey or if the same or similar situation will continue - devised as a new system wherein the president and can issue decrees equivalent to KHK via executive powers.

The latest period is officially due to end on July 19.

But the government says they are necessary to remove multiple terror threats inside state institutions. Erdogan has hinted it may be lifted.

The state of emergency has been renewed seven times.

Turkey declared a state of emergency following the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2018, organized by the followers of FETÖ and its USA -based leader Fethullah Gülen that resulted in the deaths of almost 250 people and more than 2,200 injuries.

The Turkish government blames the July coup, 2016, living in the U.S. of the theologian Fethullah gülen, and the charges of belonging to a "terrorist group Fethullah" is used during the purges constantly.

Following the coup attempt, which took place in Turkey on July 16, 2016, Ankara has arrested over 50,000 representatives of military personnel, activists, officials, journalists, as well as legal and educational workers and dismissed over 140,000 officials over suspected links to Gulen.

8998 police officers are being dismissed, including 3077 lay-offs in the Army, 1126 in the Navy, 1949 in the Air Force and 192 in the Coast Guard.

About 1,052 people, including judicial candidates and civil servants were dismissed from the justice ministry.

In addition, the decree states that 148 people, fired by previous decrees, are reinstated in the public administration.

In the western coastal province of Izmir, arrest warrants were issued for 75 soldiers, of whom 59 were now serving, Anadolu said, adding that raids were still under way.

The detentions show no sign of slowing down after hundreds of people including soldiers were taken into custody last week over Gulen links.

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