Turns Out IHOP Didn’t Change Its Name To ‘IHOb’ After All

Is Di Giorno OK

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IHOP is flipping back to pancakes, ending a stunt that temporarily changed the chain's name to IHOB to promote new burgers on the menu.

What really matters is that even though IHOP is back to IHOP, it will continue to serve its mediocre burgers regardless of the letter at the end of its name.

To celebrate the return of IHOP and the chain's 60th birthday, IHOP is selling short stacks of pancakes for just 60 cents on July 17.

When one Twitter user joked that their change of heart (and name) must not have gone well, IHOP itself had a response: "The blan was to get beople talking about our new burgers".

The company sent out a tweet Monday announcing the reversal back to IHOP: "We're giving away 60¢ short stacks on July 17 from 7a-7p for IHOP's 60th birthday".

Despite their relief to learn the name wasn't changing forever, some burger lovers asked that burning question we were all thinking. While pancakes are once again at the forefront, the new line of burgers will remain on the menu.

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