U.S. won't force Americans to go to Russian Federation for interrogation: Mike Pompeo

Trump and Putin handshake

U of T experts write opposing op-eds about whether Donald Trump should be impeached for his words in Helsinki

Mr Trump came under ferocious criticism in the United States following the summit for siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin against USA intelligence agencies over claims of Russian interference in U.S. elections, at a joint news conference in Helsinki with Mr Putin. "There are many answers, some easy and some hard, to these problems...but they can ALL be solved!"

Never mind that the White House has spent three days trying to clean up the political fallout from the summit amid bipartisan criticism, or that the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in 2016 continues apace.

In one of the few concrete acts of dissidence to come from a GOP lawmaker in response to Donald Trump's disastrous press conference with Vladimir Putin, one Texas Republican wrote an op-ed calling the president out directly.

The issue has hogged national attention in the last few days after Putin made a suggestion on this lines in the context of Russia helping in the ongoing USA investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential polls.

Trump initially called it an "incredible offer", but McFaul and others expressed outrage and the White House - just minutes before the Senate vote - made clear a deal with Putin was not in the cards. Administration to brief Senate panel on family reunifications Lawmakers press Trump admin for list of migrant kids separated from families MORE (D-Hawaii) likened President TrumpDonald John TrumpIran claims it rejected Trump meeting requests 8 times ESPY host jokes Putin was as happy after Trump summit as Ovechkin winning Stanley Cup Russian ambassador: Trump made "verbal agreements" with Putin MORE to a Russian intelligence asset on Thursday, saying that his demeanor toward Moscow and attacks on the news media show his "affinity" for authoritarian governments.

US President Donald Trump said he'd be Vladimir Putin's "worst enemy" if the Russian president ever crossed the line. She said the U.S. hopes Putin will have the Russians indicted on charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice "come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt".

Mr Trump may have been encouraged by recent opinion polling showing that while the public at large is uneasy with Mr Trump's Russian Federation policies, his Republican base - by a sizeable majority - is fine with his performance.

How did Trump respond to Putin's suggestion?

"Until we know what happened at that two-hour meeting in Helsinki, the president should have no more one-on-one interactions with Putin".

Pushing back against criticism of his Putin meeting, Mr Trump said on Thursday he wants another meeting with Mr Putin to start implementing ideas they discussed in Helsinki, casting the summit as a starting point for progress on a number of shared concerns.

McFaul expressed outrage on Wednesday when Sanders said Trump was "going to meet with his team" to consider Putin's proposal.

The White House's belated remarks came after the Russian Prosecutor General's Office on Tuesday reportedly requested to question several US individuals over their criminal behaviors in Russia.

Mr Putin has also described the summit as "successful" but warned "there are forces in the United States that are prepared to casually sacrifice Russian-US relations". There is US$380 million approved in the current budget for the programme, which is meant to help states strengthen election systems from hacking and other cyberattacks.

As Trump clarified his position Tuesday, he emphasized that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation, and reaffirmed his "full faith and support" for America's intelligence agencies. "In the United States, in Russian Federation, or anywhere else", he said in a statement. But he stood firmly with the intelligence assessment, saying it's "undeniable" that Russian Federation has taken the lead on this kind of interference.

And when Mitchell broke the news to Coats on stage that Putin is planning a trip to Washington, Coats did a double-take.

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