Upcoming iPad Pro To Remove Headphone Jack, Add Notch

A couple of weeks back we reported that Apple might be working on three new iPhones to launch in September this year. The report also reiterates earlier rumors that the new iPad lineup is going to feature FaceID. As for the other, 5.8-inch model, we aren't quite sure how that will look, but you can be sure it will look exactly like the current iPhone X, minus the OLED display and the dual-camera setup.

The headphone jack removal rumour was backed up further by a claim in the report that Apple will no longer be bundling the Lightning to 3.5mm adapters.

A brand new story out of Japan says that Apple will use an exciting screen technology on the 6.1-inch iPhone, just as we had suspected all along. Apple has managed to reduce the footprint of the tablet by about 10% overall to fit the larger 12.9-inch display into a smaller body. That being said, this will be first time that an iPad will have a Face ID support.

Apple's budget iPhone 9 or the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will come with a'Full Active' LCD display.

As September comes closer, new reports about Apple's iPhone and iPad devices are surfacing.

Due to complications with Face ID which arise from the position the device must be held in to recognise a face and unlock, the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard may be changed to a vertical position. Well, according to the report, the company might get rid of the Home button and instead offer the FaceID tech that came with the iPhone X. It could also make Face ID work in landscape mode, which would solve a big problem.

Do note that these are rumours from an unreliable source, which means chances of the iPad Pro resembling anything like the concept device from the report could be zero. The new Smart Connector, as depicted in the CAD model, looks like a lozenge-shaped indentation on the lower back of the iPad, near the Lightning port.

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