USA police surround barricaded armed suspect at Trader Joe's supermarket in California

Los Angeles One killed as man barricades himself in store after shooting grandmother girlfriend

USA police surround barricaded armed suspect at Trader Joe's supermarket in California

"Due to the fluidity of the incident, we will release information as it becomes available", the Los Angeles Police Department said on its Twitter feed.

Unidentified Trader Joe's supermarket employees hug after being evacuated by Los Angeles Police after a gunman barricaded himself inside the store in Los Angeles Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Reporter Doualy Xaykaothao in Los Angeles tells NPR the gunman took 40-50 people hostage.

Atkins' grandmother initially was taken to a hospital in critical condition and police said she had been shot seven times but Egland, who visited Madison at the hospital on Sunday, said she had only been shot three times, had undergone surgery and her condition was improving.

The suspect led police on a vehicle chase that ended when he crashed into a pole and ran inside a busy Trader Joe's supermarket.

Devin Field, a writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live", tweeted he was walking inside when a vehicle crashed into the entrance and a man "got out shooting". Lopez says the suspect shot multiple rounds at officers during the chase but no officers were struck.

Fire officials said one female victim was transported in stable condition.

Los Angeles police Chief Michel Moore said the circumstances of the woman's death were still unclear.

He took hostages as scores of firefighters and police converged on the scene. Arnold spoke to a young woman who'd been in contact with her brother, one of the hostages who she heard had been hiding in either a "refrigerator or freezer".

After about 30 minutes, police came inside and rushed some of the customers out. Some were able to escape when a store employee activated an emergency ladder out of a second floor store window.

Officers said they are still processing the scene Sunday and that Hyperion Avenue between Griffith Park Boulevard and Ettrick Street would remain closed until at least noon. An employee dragged an injured woman by the hands out the front door, he said.

- The man who killed the manager of a Trader Joe's in Silver lake, and held a store full of terrified customers and employees hostage, was named today by Los Angeles police as Gene Evin Atkins, 28. The city's police department was also put on tactical alert during the ordeal.

At least one officer is believed to have returned fire, Montgomery said.

"Those bullets went right over the back of me as he was running right down the main aisle", Kohles said.

President Donald Trump tweeted that federal law enforcement was assisting LAPD with the incident and said he was watching the "possible hostage situation very closely".

It is unknown if shots fired were from police or the suspect. Officers in SWAT gear ran while carrying children away from the store. "They helped carry me across the parking lot and they sort of tossed me over a wall".

'Gunman walked in shooting.

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