Video of Man Harassing Woman Over Puerto Rico Shirt Sparks Probe

Screen image of man yelling at woman for wearing Puerto Rico T-Shirt

Screen image of man yelling at woman for wearing Puerto Rico T-Shirt

The governor of Puerto Rico has condemned the incident in which a man harassed a woman for wearing a T-shirt with the Puerto Rican flag.

A female officer can be heard saying that he's intoxicated, to which he replies, "Well, that's your judgment".

You're "not going to change us", the harasser told the woman - though it wasn't clear exactly whom he meant by "us". The world is not going to change the United States of America.

Irizarry said on Facebook that she had rented out a pavilion at the forest preserve for a birthday party when she and her family and friends were accosted by the unidentified man.

In a now-deleted Facebook video Irizarry had posted, a man from the other group can be seen coming toward Irizarry, saying, "You should not be wearing that in the United States of America".

The flags of Puerto Rico and the United States fly side-by-side, May 8, 2017, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When the brother gets in the man's way and stops him from coming back toward Irizarry, the officer then appears to get involved and warns the brother. "Can you please grab him?" to which he turns his head and walks in the opposite direction.

"This is what I'm wearing guys", she says revealing her outfit as a man yells at her in the background.

As the video continues, more park officers arrive at the scene and finally sit the man down and ask for his ID.

On Tuesday, the Forest Preserves of Cook County posted to Facebook that the man was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

A video that went viral on Monday has earned a Chicago police officer desk duty for an incident that happened a month ago.

The statement added, "All people are welcome in the Forest Preserves of Cook County and no one should feel unsafe while visiting our preserves".

Footage of the incident, which took place last month, resurfaced online in recent days and one Facebook post with the clip had almost 2 million views at time of publication. "People have just as much right to be here as you do, and when you're drunk you don't belong here". "This is not the America we all believe in".

"Whether they are racists at a park, Cook County employees who do nothing, or Presidents who toss paper towels at people and denigrate Latinos w/ every Tweet, this is not the America we want to become & standing up to hate & bigotry must start at home".

Rossello Tweeted: "I am sure @tonipreckwinkle will take matter into her hands as justice and diversity have been central to her exemplary career". After the incident, we immediately launched an investigation pursuant to our personnel policies into the response of our officer.

Puerto Rico is a USA commonwealth with its own constitution, rather than a state.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello responded on Twitter, "Today a video surfaced of an undignified event in which a Puerto Rican woman was brutally harassed by a bigot while an officer did not interfere". While citizens of the island cannot vote in United States presidential elections, those born there are still USA citizens.

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