Viral Twitter thread chronicles 'Plane Bae' romance

Viral Twitter thread chronicles 'Plane Bae' romance

Viral Twitter thread chronicles 'Plane Bae' romance

On a flight in the US, Rosey Blair asked a woman to switch seats so she could sit next to her boyfriend. Upon realizing the chemistry between the woman and a man seated next to her, Blair posted about it on her social media throughout the ride -- and the story quickly became an internet sensation. The guy is identified as Euan Holden. Asking a woman to switch seats with her, when she agreed, they joked together that the man the woman was moving to sit next to would be the love of her life.

She also notes that neither of them are wearing a wedding ring - a good sign for their potential relationship. Okay, they might be a sweet old lady who chats to you about her garden, or a couple who keeps the PDA to a minimum and let you have the window seat, but how often do you seriously like them?

"We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo".

Other users followed the Twitter thread closely and began replying photos to Blair, confirming to her how invested they were in finding out more details.

Little did Blair know (or did she?) that she had just inadvertently played cupid, connecting two young, good-looking flyers who both turned out to be personal trainers, both based in Dallas, Texas.

After some detective work, Rosey's boyfriend found their Instagram accounts, which revealed that they were both single and both lived in Dallas.

Once in the air, Blair documented the interactions, how close their arms were to each other on a flight without air-conditioning, their life goals and made sure to mention the lovebirds escaped to the bathroom at the same time. "She's very attractive, fun, bubbly, natural", Holden added.

Since the rise in social media notoriety, Holden updated his Twitter bio with the following: "Newly nicknamed 'Plane Bae'".

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