Zoo accused of painting donkeys to look like zebras

A zoo is accused of painting a donkey and passing it off as a zebra

Zoo accused of painting donkeys to look like zebras

A ZOO has gone viral online after being caught out attempting to pass off a donkey as a zebra by painting black stripes onto its body. Mahmoud Sarhan, 18, took pictures of the animals during a visit last weekend and it appears that some of the stripes have rubbed off.

Mahmoud Sarhan snapped photos at the International Garden Municipal Park in Cairo after he noticed the two zebras on display appeared to be donkeys painted to look like zebras.

Unable to find a way around the Israeli blockade, a zoo in Gaza painted two donkeys to look like zebras in 2009.

"The first time we used paint but it didn't look good", the zoo's proprietor told Reuters at the time.

You can't always trust the exhibit signs at zoos, or so one Egyptian student is claiming after he suspected a zebra at a Cairo zoo was an impostor. "The children don't know, so they call them zebras and they are happy to see something new".

Despite this, International Gardens park's director Mohamed Sultan has rebuffed any suggestion the animal is anything other than a zebra. "They are trying to disguise dogs as lions". Donkeys are popular beasts of burden in developing countries and were domesticated millennia ago.

And thirdly, even a rudimentary glance upon the animal would tell you the stripes look very odd and smudged on the face, not like the majestic zebra we all know and love. When we went to the zebra side, there was only one zebra.

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