August Is Breastfeeding Awareness Month

World breastfeeding week Did you know the benefits of breastfeeding

World breastfeeding week Did you know the benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps the baby's physical and intellectual development, protects mother's health by helping early involution of the uterus, reduces postpartum bleeding, and thereby prevents anaemia, along with many other ailments. Research shows that babies who are breastfed are less likely to experience health problems, both as children and later as adults. The HMOs are the third most abundant solid component in human milk after lactose and fat.

It also discussed the reasons why children may refuse breastfeeding and ways of tackling them, and how to add complementary food while breastfeeding.

Rahman called for creating social awareness about breastfeeding as many mothers still do not know importance of giving first breast milk to their children, depriving the newborn babies of having first breast milk which decreases the baby's diseases resistance ability.

Dr Nagarathna D.S., Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Apollo Cradle, Koramangala, said, "Breast milk provides the flawless source of nutrition for new born babies". In Egypt, only 19 per cent of babies born by C-section were breastfed in the first hour after birth, compared to 39 per cent of babies born by natural delivery.

Breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers as well since it helps them to lose weight faster. Thus, here are a few exclusive breast feeding tips to do it right.

However, she said that the challenge remained achieving exclusive breastfeeding, although progress was being paid in that regard. He based his summation of the FOAD Hypothesis (Fatal origin of adult disease) which is premised on the fact that environmental factors particularly nutrition, act in early life to program risks for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in adult life.

Sincerely, this is very desirable as it will support the mother practise exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of the baby's life.

We also need to realise that bottle feeding has become so normalised that many women seeking to breastfeed are missing out.

Prof. Osawaru Oviawe, on his own part, stressed on maintaining the complete immunization doses for babies in addition to optimal breastfeeding up to six months, to build malaria antibodies as well as drive down asthma and eczema allergic reactions associated with milk substitutes. Stunted growth and childhood malnutrition can be mitigated through better breastfeeding practices as one of its major contributors. Supportive healthcare systems, adequate maternity leave entitlements, workplace interventions, counselling and educational programmes can all help to improve breastfeeding rates.

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