Batista Threatens To Quit Guardians Of The Galaxy Franchise

Dave Bautista says he'll quit Guardians Vol. 3 if Disney doesn't use James Gunn's script

Dave Bautista will 'quit' Guardians if James Gunn script isn't used

The negotiations settling Gunn's departure from the studio remain ongoing. One of the major studios includes Warner Bros., which has poached filmmakers from Marvel before to help shepherd its struggling DC Extended Universe. There's no question that Cernovich is a awful person - he got his start in the men's rights movement, calls people who disagree with him pedophiles, and helped spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which came to a head when a man fired an assault rifle in a pizza restaurant - but that doesn't change the fact that Gunn did send those tweets.

After firing James Gunn for a number of sickening Tweets involving pedophilia, child pornography, and molestation as well as a potential FBI investigation into possession of child pornography, a new rumor indicates Disney is also scrapping Gunn's script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Despite this, the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy have spoken out about the termination, and some have even threatened to leave the franchise if Gunn's script isn't used.

Until that final exit is settled, no studio can officially make an overture for his next project. Gunn had made distasteful jokes online years ago that were unearthed, prompting Disney to end their working relationship. An exit settlement needs to be reached (allegedly, Gunn's payout could be in the $7-10M range). Dave Bautista doesn't want to have any part of that. And Gunn publicly refused to defend them, accepting his firing in his lone Twitter statement, and apologizing again.

Guardians of the Galaxy drama Dave Bautista tweets
Guardians of the Galaxy drama Dave Bautista tweets

Gunn was sacked from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on July 20 after a number of offensive jokes he'd tweeted nearly a decade ago resurfaced.

The situation arose after Gunn made comments critical of Donald Trump, leading alt-right bloggers to investigate the filmmaker's social media accounts for incriminating evidence.

This would be a huge development, though not entirely surprising - with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 still supposedly scheduled for a 2020 release with plans to go into production this fall, Disney is under a tight schedule and likely can't afford to rewrite the script and risk throwing their entire movie slate off schedule.

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