Google Clock app update adds musical alarms via Spotify

Now, you can more easily, with Google Clock.

Today's update integrates Spotify directly into the Clock's alarm section, allowing you to pick whatever song you want (in Spotify's catalog) for your alarm tone. According to Google, the new feature will be rolled out globally this week on the Play Store and will be available on all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Here's what you need to know about it.

To avail this feature, the latest versions of Spotify and Clock apps should be installed on user " s devices.

The Spotify music alarm feature is rolling out this week to Google Clock, so be patient if it's not there.

The new experience will look just like the screenshot below, with one tab for "Sounds" and another for "Spotify".

Check out the photo above to see what we mean. You now have the ability to wake up to your favorite music on Spotify, and yes it works for both Free and Premium Spotify users. To understand the differences between Spotify Free and Premium, see Pocket-lint's comparison guide here.

With providers like Spotify and Apple Music leading the streaming market, however, the move is clearly convenient for customers and bodes well for the increased integration of Android services in the future. When the alarm goes off you'll hear the selected music.

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