Google’s Pixel 3 Could Be Announced On October 4

Google’s Pixel 3 Could Be Announced On October 4

Google’s Pixel 3 Could Be Announced On October 4

This autumn is shaping up to offer customers a great choice of top smartphones and Google wants to get in on the action.

But it appears fans looking to upgrade to the new Google flagship may not have to wait long at all. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will resemble their predecessors, if leaks are to be believed, and we're primarily talking about their back sides.

But in fact, Lee claims to have seen an advert posted by Google itself on Famebit, a YouTube influencer marketing platform. The description of the campaign shared by the YouTuber showed that the launch of the Pixel 3 is set for October 4. Google is apparently looking for content marketers to promote the phone in Canada after it launches. "The Pixel 3 phone is launching October 4th, 2018".

To date, Google's Pixel phones have been announced on the 4th of October.

'For this campaign, Google is looking for Canadian creators whoa re not now Google Pixel users but are willing to switch to the Pixel 3, ' the advert states. Given past history, it's more likely to be the former than the latter.

He said: "Besides the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and second-gen Pixel Buds, a reliable source tells me - with high confidence - that Google's fall hardware event will also introduce a Pixel-branded watch".

A launch date of October 4 would, providing Apple maintains the same sort of release schedule this year, means the Pixel 3 range would launch mere days after the new iPhones hit store shelves, and be then in people's hands within weeks.

There is no shortage of delicious treats and elaborate desserts starting with the letter P, but after going down the commercial brand route previous year with Oreo, and snubbing fan favorite Nutella to choose the less liked Nougat back in 2016, Google has chose to keep things simple (and vague) for the all-new Android 9 Pie version.

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