India strips 4 million of citizenship

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The Rajya Sabha was on Wednesday adjourned till 12 noon minutes after it met for the day over BJP chief Amit Shah's remarks made in the House on Tuesday regarding the Assam NRC. The Congress continues to walk a tightrope over the contentious issue. "It will have no impact on Assam as it is absolutely peaceful there".

With an eye on the 2019 national election, the BJP's Hindu-first campaign has become more strident, critics say, playing to its core base with divisive programs such as the citizenship test in Assam, already a tinderbox of ethnic and religious tensions.

Many women from West Bengal and Bihar had been married in Assam and the Assam government has failed to get their legacy data from the two states depriving those women from being included in the NRC, those organisations said.

Around 40.07 lakh applicants, however, did not find a place in the historic document, touted to be a proof of Assamese identity. "We have been pleading with authorities and hope that we make it to the list", said Aziz Rehman, a resident of the outskirts of Guwahati, who had found himself missing from the first draft of National Register of Citizens released in January this year.

"The global community is fighting to stop a process that is alarmingly on track to potentially render millions of people stateless, and vulnerable to indefinite detention, violence or worse", said Ricken Patel, Avaaz executive director. It's the Congress which laid the foundation of the NRC but they didn't had the courage to deal with illegal infiltrators.

Assam, a state of 33 million people known for its lush tea estates, has for decades been racked by violence between indigenous tribes and settlers. "To be included in the list, residents of the state had to apply and submit proof that they or their ancestors were in the 1951 NRC or any subsequent voter list till the cut-off date". "Aren't their human rights infringed when these infiltrators rob their jobs, their resources?" asked Shah. We never indulge in vote-bank politics. "NRC is trying to finish us off".

"NRC is being prepared in a very transparent manner and under monitoring of the Supreme Court". "I don't want to name anybody, the house should function smoothly", he added. Only those who have infiltrated from outside the country will have to face the outcome. Naidu attempted to simmer down the slogans "Prime Minister jawaab do" by saying that no slogan is going on the record because when Assam members were given the opportunity to speak, none of them spoke earlier.

"This was the Congress PM's initiative". They might feel persecuted under the rightist BJP-led Modi government at the centre and Sarbananda Sonowal government in Assam.

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