James Bond 25 gets pushed back a whole year


James Bond 25 gets pushed back a whole year

Earlier today, our resident James Bond expert, Jof Gurd, offered up a variety of thoughts on Danny Boyle's abrupt exit from the as-yet-untitled Bond 25.

It now seems likely that the 25th 007 film won't be seen cinemas until a year later, as no Bond film has ever opened in the summer, and the fallout from Boyle's departure is likely to mean the script he wrote with longtime collaborator John Hodge will be replaced with one by Bond veterans Neil Purvis and Robert Wade.

According to THR, it's now scheduled to miss its North American debut of november 8, 2019, and may not even arrive in theaters until late 2020.However, Deadline reports that the film has yet to budge from that release date, and that intel about a supposed delay "might be wishful thinking by rival distributors". According to Telegraph, the duo, previously having worked on Trainspotting and T2 Trainspotting together, wanted to create a plot center on a "modern-day Cold War".

In a new report published by The Hollywood Reporter, sources say that the November 2019 release date may very well get pushed back to 2020 in light of recent events. With that in mind, Boyle's disagreement with Craig over casting could have been the ultimate reason why Boyle made a decision to leave Bond 25. Boyle had his eye on Tomasz Kot, a lesser-known Polish actor who recently starred in the acclaimed period romance Cold War. "None of the Bond girls have been chosen without his say so", a source told The Telegraph. Though no reason was given at the time of the official announcement, a new report may offer some insight into what exactly led to Boyle's "creative differences" - and it may have had more to do with Daniel Craig than with the series' producers. Fans have their own ideas for who could take over for Boyle, including Christopher Nolan, whose name is frequently dropped despite the fact that he has no interest in directing a Bond film.

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