Lombok quake: Facebook 'regrets' natural disaster balloons

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Lombok quake: Facebook 'regrets' natural disaster balloons

"We estimate there are still more victims because we found many sandals in front of the mosque", Nugroho said Tuesday.

Thousands of tourists wait on a beach to be evacuated from the Indonesian island of Lombok after a huge quake.

Rescuers were using heavy duty cutting equipment on Tuesday to prize apart the tangled mound of debris.

The quake claimed also injured more than 236 others and destroyed thousands of homes. "This wasn't how we planned to volunteer but we're here and happy to do our part", said Bosch-Schmits.

Authorities are still tallying up quake losses, but the value of assets destroyed and other damage could easily top 1 trillion rupiah (£53.8 million), said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesman of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency.

"We don't know for sure how many people are alive under the rubble", BNPB spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told reporters.

More than 20 000 people are believed to have been made homeless on Lombok‚ with 236 severely injured‚ and authorities have appealed for more medical personnel and basic supplies.

A total of 8381 tourists, locals and workers of hotels and resorts on the three Gili islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno - had been evacuated as of late afternoon on Tuesday, BNPB said. "We saw everybody leaving in boats but no boat came to us", he told AFP.

Indonesian authorities said Monday that rescuers still haven't reached some devastated parts of the tourist island of Lombok after a powerful natural disaster flattened houses and toppled bridges, killing a number of people and shaking neighboring Bali.

He said the quake "was powerful enough to put us on the floor" and cut power.

Aid organisations, already on Lombok after last week's quake, said they were stepping up their humanitarian efforts.

Lombok had already been hit by a 6.4-magnitude natural disaster on July 29 that killed 17 people and briefly stranded several hundred trekkers on the slopes of a volcano.

Video showed screaming people running in panic from houses in a Bali neighbourhood and vehicles rocking. The tsunami warning was eventually lifted.

"There has been no help at all here", said 36-year-old Multazam, who was staying with hundreds of others under tarpaulins on a dry paddy field outside West Pemenang village. He said no foreign tourists are among the dead.

Like Bali, Lombok is known for its pristine beaches and mountains.

On Lombok, thousands fled from their homes to gather in emergency shelters in open spaces, the agency said. Hotels and other buildings in both locations are not allowed to exceed the height of coconut trees.

There had been a half-hour evacuation at the Lombok airport following the quake because the electricity went off.

That's because the region sits smack-dab along the so-called ring of fire-an imaginary, horseshoe-shape line that follows the rim of the Pacific Ocean and marks spots where several tectonic plates collide.

"A lot of people are displaced, and many have migrated to the hilly and mountainous areas because of fear of a tsunami".

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