Parents Are Hiring ‘Fortnite’ Tutors for Their Kids

Parents paying tutors to teach their kids Fortnite

Parents Are Hiring ‘Fortnite’ Tutors for Their Kids

Epic Games is financing millions into these tournaments, so getting a Fortnite tutor might not be too bad of an investment.

Parents are reportedly paying about $15 to $20 per hour for skilled Fortnite players to give their children tips, or in some cases, $50 for training sessions that last three to four hours.

The publication has actually interviewed numerous individuals who are hiring Fortnite tutors for their children, offering insight as to why this is actually a thing.

Parents are taking their children to "Fortnite" coaches to improve their chances of securing a Battle Royale win, the Wall Street Journal reports.

With the game's popularity, it makes sense that people would want to be a part of the gaming craze, but apparently there is more to Fortnite than wanting to play a popular game.

Sometimes they can have 20, 30, 40 young people in the business playing Fortnite all at one time with different people around the world.

'There's pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it, ' said Hicks told the Wall Street Journal. Much like "eager dugout dads opening their wallets for pitching lessons", Needleman noted, parents of "Fortnite" players are increasingly "willing to pay for their offspring to gain an edge". "My dad would have never paid for me to take video game lessons". The latter famously said in March that he spent 10 straight hours playing the game, and he came dangerously close to saying it was more thrilling than his own national championship win in college.

The WSJ report names contracting sites like Bidvine who has hired out hundreds of video game tutors in recent months. Until now, usually "adult hobbyists and older teenagers aspiring to go professional" sought the help of the coaches.

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