Twenty dead in WWII vintage plane crash in Switzerland

Two Planes Crash Hours Apart In Swiss Alps 23 Dead

Twenty dead in WWII vintage plane crash in Switzerland

An old-time propeller plane crashed near-vertically at high speed into a Swiss mountain, killing all 20 people on board, police said Sunday.

The vintage aircraft crashed into the Piz Segnas mountain in the Flims resort on Saturday.

It was flying a group of 17 Swiss nationals and a three-member family from Austria on a sightseeing tour for the company JU-AIR.

"The plane turned 180 degrees to the south and fell to the ground like a stone", the witness said, adding that the debris was scattered over "a very small area", indicating an explosion was unlikely to have been the cause of the crash.

'At the moment, no further information is available'.

Ju-Air, which offers flights from Junkers Ju-52 planes, said one of its vehicles was involved in the incident.

Police said a large rescue mission had been deployed to the scene of the crash, including five helicopters.

A plane crashed on the Piz Segnas mountain.

JU-Air says it runs a small fleet of four Junker planes, all built in 1939, which are for hire.

Almost 5,000 Ju-52 planes were manufactured between 1932 and 1952.

Knecht also said the 79-year-old plane was most likely not equipped with crash-resistant data recorders that more modern aircraft have.

Ju-Air started operating flights with the old-timers in 1983, and the plane that crashed - with the registration HB-HOT - had been in service with the company since 1985.

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