Weekend Forecast Looks Great To View Peak Of Perseid Meteor Shower

Once evening falls Sunday expect to see a meteor or a

Once evening falls Sunday expect to see a meteor or a"shooting star" streaking across the sky every few minutes

"Under a very dark sky, you might see up to one Perseid per minute late on Sunday night or after midnight on Monday morning". This particular meteor shower "normally produces, statistically, up to 60 meteors per hour", Henderson said.

The meteor shower started to break out into the night sky around mid-July and will carry on through to the last week of August.

"Professional and amateur astronomers will have a good chance to observe the Perseid meteor shower this year because the Moon will be just two days old at the peak of the shower and hence will not appear in the sky at night". This year it will be at its peak on the evenings of August 11 and 12. National Weather Service projections from the office in Louisville show tonight will be partly cloudy and less than ideal, but Saturday and Sunday night will be mostly clear. Stargazers will be able to see the falling debris as "shooting stars".

Meteor showers are caused by dust breaking off of a comet. But "Earthgrazer" meteors, which skim Earth's atmosphere and showcase long, blazing tails, are visible earlier when the radiant is low above the horizon. So, inspired by a friend's tweet, I wondered - will city dwellers see the meteor shower? Those tiny bits of debris, traveling at around 132,000 miles per hour, create vivid streaks of light when they collide with Earth's atmosphere.

And in some places, a sky free from clouds will not automatically mean a good view for the meteors. Arriving by that time should give your eyes ample time to adjust to the darkness.

People can also bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch the meteor shower from the grassy area around the observatory. The shower got its name from the fact that the meteors seem to come from a single point in the constellation Perseus.

And don't forget to grab your camera before you head out.

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