Whitmer heads all-female Democratic ticket in Michigan

Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El Sayed campaigns with support from New York Democrat candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at a rally on the campus of Wayne State University

Ocasio-Cortez v Ben Shapiro: Dem candidate refuses ‘catcalling’ debate offer

Strong feelings about President Donald Trump, a competitive governor's race and congressional retirements fueled what probably was a record MI primary turnout, with more than half-million more people voting than in 2010 - the last time the governorship was open. Just over 28 percent of the voting-age population cast ballots, an increase from the previous high of 24 percent from 1982. Turnout figures posted online only go back to 1978.

State Attorney General William "Bill" Schuette, Gretchen Whitmer and Bill Gelineau won their respective primaries August 7 to compete against each other for the governor seat November 6.

News 10 will sit down with the Democratic gubernatorial nominee on Thursday.

Whitmer also went after Bill Schuette and the eight years MI has spent with a Republican governor in office.

"The reality is, this is President Trump's Republican party".

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro responded Friday to accusations by democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that he catcalled her in his debate challenge, arguing that she didn't want to come across as being "afraid". And either Republican business executive Lena Epstein or Democratic former auto bailout chief of staff Haley Stevens will succeed a retiring congressman in suburban Detroit. Precincts then started to run low on ballots.

"We're paying for this system", she said.

"She was in the Legislature fighting battles when there was no hope to win", said 45-year-old John Hetzler, of Grosse Pointe Woods, who noted that he might vote Republican but only if they rejected Trump. Calley, who was supported by Snyder but withdrew his support for Trump in 2016, touted economic gains under their watch and accused Schuette of illegally misusing his office to advance his political career and wrongly prosecuting top state officials for Flint's water crisis. On the Democrats' side, Gretchen Whitmer beat out newcomer Abdul El-Sayed.

Call it Michigan's pink and blue wave. We're aware of it.

In choosing Whitmer, Michigan voters opted for a known quantity; a former state legislator, she was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2000.

"Our voters will come home". "Americans have the sticker shock of health care as it is, and what we're also not talking about is why aren't we incorporating the cost of all the funeral expenses of those who died because they can't afford access to health care?" John James and Sandy Pensler squared off in a GOP primary for the chance to face Democratic Sen.

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