Google is shutting down Inbox in March

Google is shutting down Inbox in March

Google is shutting down Inbox in March

Inbox by Gmail isn't going away immediately - users will have until March 2019 to decide on an alternative. On the app's Web page, Google confirms that Inbox will be shuttered in March 2019; the company instead points users toward the new Gmail for numerous same features.

The launch of the new Gmail in April was surely a sign that Inbox, Google's productivity-focused mail app, would soon meet its demise. Some of the best features in the new Gmail were in Inbox first, including smart replies, snoozing emails for later, and priority notifications.

Well, in case you haven't noticed, numerous features that Inbox touted are now native in Gmail. Numerous features we know and love from Inbox were brought into Gmail proper when they launched a much needed re-design back in April this year.

Though Inbox featured some redundancy with Gmail, it's a shame to see it go.

Mark today down as the day Google got to announce it's killing the Inbox. For users, Inbox was a lighter version of Gmail, an email app focusing on what matter most while still offering some nifty features that weren't available to Gmail users. The company claimed that it had no plans to change its email client and saw it as a place to continue testing innovative features. Featuring tight integration with other Google services, Inbox quickly garnered a group of passionate followers.

To help users using Inbox move back to Gmail proper, Google has supplied a transition guide on their support site.

Inbox was an experimental playground of sorts that Gmail users could switch to (and from) easily as it used the same account and data sources as Gmail.

I know quite a few Gmail users who switched to Inbox when it was released.

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