Is this the Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

Is this the Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

Is this the Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

Consumer Reports has reinstated its "Recommended" badge for the Microsoft Surface tablet after the device was stripped of its certification previous year due to "reliability concerns".

In the network appeared images of the new tablet PC Microsoft Surface Pro 6, which along with other innovations must submit 2 October. But on September 27, Consumer Reports announced the organization is restoring the "recommended" status designation for most - though not all - Surface-branded hardware.

"Microsoft's reliability is now on-par with most other laptop brands", noted a report by The Verge, quoting Martin Lachter, a senior research associate at Consumer Reports.

Here we are again with Consumer Reports offering its two cents on whether or not the trusted ratings and review firm would recommend Microsoft's Surface devices. According to a Slashgear report about the leak from Vietnamese site, that's not going to come with the Surface Pro 6 even though Microsoft has already brought that port to the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Go. In GeekBench new 15915 gaining points in bhatoegana and 4680 points in single core test, which means the device will be virtually 2 times more powerful than the first generation Surface Studio.

Consumer Reports pulled its "recommended" rating for the Surface Laptop a year ago, even though the data it gathered by surveying 90,000 users didn't include the Surface Laptop, as it was released in the summer 2017. However, the newer Surface Go has not been recommended. Consumer Reports said its "performance falls short below what consumers can find in other laptops". "We weigh processing power heavily when we're evaluating laptops".

See? I told you Consumer Reports was credible. Get your mitts off my computer, hey?

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