Juncker to hold firm on Brexit terms, offer close partnership

Brexit'chaos in Britain will save the EU by deterring other countries from leaving the bloc senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt taunted today

Brexit'chaos in Britain will save the EU by deterring other countries from leaving the bloc senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt taunted today

Juncker's showpiece speech is his last before May elections that will pit Europe's rising populist forces against his centrist supporters, and he issued a rallying cry to maintain a "continent of tolerance and openness".

"We will always be a global payer but it is time we started being a global player too", President Juncker told Members of European Parliament, meeting in Strasbourg for their first plenary session since the summer break.

"We agree with the statement made in Chequers that the starting point for such a partnership should be a free trade area between the United Kingdom and the European Union", Juncker said.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will be forced to take terrorist content off their sites within an hour or face multimillion pound fines, under fresh proposals from the European Union.

King said: "We have got a problem with content, it is not an entirely new problem, we are not starting from scratch, we have agreed to do some voluntary stuff, and we got some good progress - but not enough".

"The commission will resist any attack on the rule of law and we continue to be very concerned by the developments in some member states", he added.

Europe is neither a "fortress" or "island", it is "multilateral", said the one who rejects "the unilateralism disrespectful to the expectations and hopes of others".

Rather than taking stock of the last four years, he said that he would once again lay out a number of proposals for the future insisting that while the European Union was not flawless, work would continue to make it a "little bit more ideal every day".

But he paved the way for chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to secure a deal with the British government, ensuring that the EU Commission will not "stand in the way".

However, this agreement would not accept free movement or the European Court of Justice. "Respecting the rule of law and abiding by Court decisions are not optional", Juncker said.

"Europe and its nations must move forward as one". "Patriotism is a virtue". The Commission is today proposing to change this.

"To love Europe, is it love its nations".

The amended Commission's proposal will further equip the future EU Asylum Agency with the necessary mandate, tools and financial means needed to provide a rapid and full service to Member States throughout the asylum procedure.

Juncker urged the European Union to strike a "new alliance" with Africa that would create millions of jobs and include a free trade deal - a move Brussels hopes would both showcase its worldwide influence and help to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean.

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