KSA arrests man over breakfast video with woman

Unclear crime The Saudi woman s seen eating and waving at the camera during the clip

Unclear crime The Saudi woman s seen eating and waving at the camera during the clip

Of course, the opinions are mixed, in Saudi Arabia, the people criticized why the man was the only one arrested and also wanted the woman punished.

From the Ministry of Labor and Social Development they report that the arrested person is of Bahá'í faith [a monotheistic Abrahamic religion, born in Iran] and will be tried in court.

The arrest has divided opinion, with many Saudis on social media were highly critical of both the man and the woman. She is also seen feeding the man something that looks like a french fry.

But the Kingdom remains incredibly conservative about inter-sex contact.

The ministry talked about the resort proprietor had been summoned for failing to adhere to authorities regulations that stipulate a gender-segregated workplace. Most public places, including public transport and offices, are segregated so that women can not mix with men they do not know. There, single men must eat separately with from women or vice versa.

As the video sparked a torrent of criticism from arch-conservatives, the public prosecution urged expats in the kingdom to respect "values and traditions of Saudi society". The woman was wearing a traditional black robe called abbayya with a veil covering her face.

But the crown prince's efforts to portray himself as a reformer while continuing a devastating bombing campaign in Yemen, as well as a brutal crackdown on activists at home, including women's rights campaigners.

Prior to bin Salman's rapid rise to power in recent years, Saudi Arabia's largely fundamentalist clergy held considerable sway over policy-making in the kingdom. The male employee was arrested shortly after posting the clip online.

They are not allowed to carry out most activities without being accompanied by their male guardians, usually a father or husband, but possibly a brother or a son.

Foreigners often fall foul of strict Islamic laws in the Middle East.

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