Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10

Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10

Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10

The warnings appear on Windows 10 and remind people they already have Microsoft's Edge browser installed. The company recommends users to install Edge on its official websites, and asks users to use Edge instead of a different browser when they try changing their default browser on the OS.

In my opinion, the operating system you choose to run should remain independent of the software you choose to install, but Microsoft clearly disagrees with that view based on a new tweak to Windows 10.

This version of Windows 10 is now only available to Windows 10 Insiders, but will be rolled out to the public as part of Microsoft's Windows 10 October 2018 update. A user who initiates the installation of a browser does so on objective.

It shows you the problem: Microsoft added a new "Show me app recommendations" feature, which is enabled by default. The issue that Google and Firefox may take with this warning is that the wording insinuates that the other two browsers are less safe than Edge.

Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update will arrive in October. Considering the popularity of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft's tact to shame users into using Edge isn't going to be well received. Not only that, but it's apparently "the safer, faster browser for Windows 10".

It then steps up the pressure, providing no less than four boxes demonstrating how Edge helps you browse the internet for longer, faster and with built-in protection.

Here's the amusing thing: Despite all these tricks, Edge only has about 4% of the browser market. More people use Mozilla Firefox than use Microsoft Edge. People use Windows in the real world to run a variety of applications, not just connect to Microsoft services in half-baked "Universal" apps, "Metro" apps, or whatever we're calling them now. Now it has been seen to be testing a significantly more obtrusive messaging method to try and swat away and stall the installation of rival browsers. To do that requires focusing on making Edge better than the alternatives and marketing it as such.

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