Most US voters oppose Trump's impeachment: new poll

Credit DonkeyHotey  Creative Commons via Flickr https

Credit DonkeyHotey Creative Commons via Flickr https

A CNN poll released yesterday found Trump's approval had dropped to 36%, down from 42% in August. That's four points below his previous 2018 low of 35 per cent approval among political independents in CNN polling, and one point below his previous all-time low among independents in polling reached in November 2017. Both paint a picture of a White House in chaos, with staffers actively thwarting the President's agenda.

With an eye toward November's midterm elections, House Republicans on Monday unveiled legislation to make permanent the individual tax cuts and pass-through business deductions that were set to expire in 2026 as part of the sweeping tax rewrite enacted late a year ago.

Democrats have criticized the new wave of tax cut, suggesting that the proposed changes would primarily benefit the wealthiest taxpayers.

In a poll conducted by NPR and Marist, the Midwest has moved to favor the Democrats, with a difference of 13 points between the two parties. "We just don't know how big of a hole it is", said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The poll did show, however, that Trump's approval with his base remained strong. That unfavorable number is the worst since he won the presidency, and it matches the worst level seen during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"There are certain lower taxes for people starting businesses for investing in your small business", he said.

Michael Linden of the left-leaning Roosevelt Institute noted that President Trump recently cited the need "to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course" in canceling 2.1 percent pay raises for civilian federal workers.

President Trump's view of the judicial branch of government is that it is there to protect him, not the American people.

The Democratic Party's poll lead and signs of suburban disdain for Donald Trump have given the party hope that it will overturn the 23 seats it needs to take control of the House of Representatives. No doubt about it, the judicial branch of our government is under attack. Eighty-four per cent of Republicans surveyed approved of the job Trump was doing. When it comes to the economy, meanwhile, 70 percent of Americans in Quinnipiac's poll say it is good or excellent, while CNN's poll found 69 percent calling the economy "good" and 26 percent "very good".

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