Olivia Munn feels 'lonely' having to promote The Predator alone

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn feels 'lonely' having to promote The Predator alone

Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival after she'd successfully lobbied to have a scene with a registered sex offender cut from the film, Olivia did interviews solo after it was alleged her castmates had pulled out of joint interviews or walked out when the scene in question was mentioned.

Olivia Munn must feel like she's all alone on a deserted island.

"I keep pushing forward and keep going knowing that at least you did the right thing, even if you're not getting that support". However, he has since claimed that he did not know the severity of Striegel's case and issued an apology.

Let's hope that Munn's fearless stand will not lead to her being blacklisted, but rather for the outrage to generate meaningful and lasting change.

'I was not at #TIFF so I didn't have an opportunity to be there with you.

According to the Times, Munn told Fox what she learned about Striegel's past on August 15 and the studio cut his scene.

Since the news came out, Munn revealed that Black has not spoken to her, while her co-stars have given her and the entire matter a cold shoulder.

"I looked back and I see the guys standing up, and I was just confused, because I hadn't heard from them during the day".

Munn, 38, has continued to promote "The Predator" since blowing the whistle on Striegel, but her fellow cast members haven't been supportive. "What I take issue with", Brown added, "& I believe Shane addressed this in his apology, is that we all have the right to know who we're working with! "In a series of tweets, Brown wrote, ".@oliviamunn I'm sorry you're feeling so isolated, my dear.

Addressing the fall out on Saturday, The Newsroom star said: 'It's a very lonely feeling to be sitting here by myself when I should be here with the rest of the cast'. He told the outlet he was just trying to boost a distant relative's self-esteem, and he denied touching her sexually, but Black released another statement saying Striegel misled him about the circumstances of the conviction.

In 2010, Striegel pleaded guilty to attempting to entice a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship. I don't know how to pretend. Munn notes she "wasn't given that choice", arguing that she will "never give a second chance to anyone who ever hurts a child".

However his publicist said that he reached out to Munn privately last week to express his admiration for her. I think people get really tired of the whole Times Up thing and Me Too and I get it, it's exhausted hearing people screaming and yelling.

The Predator, which also stars Boyd Holbrook and Trevante Rhodes, opens in theaters on Friday. Black did not tell the cast or the studio about Striegel's past, in an effort to reportedly help him out.

However things work out for Black and Munn, you can expect some of this tension to still be in the air by the time The Predator hits U.S. theaters on September 14th.

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