Prince William Opens Up About His Own Mental Health Struggles

According to their findings a large part of sharing mental health struggles came from manager confidence - staff who felt their manager supported their mental health or could spot the signs that someone was going through a hard time were far more likely to say they would share their situation.

It found nearly half of the 44,000 workers questioned had experienced poor mental health in their current job.

It comes as new figures revealed nearly half of all United Kingdom workers had experienced poor mental health in their current job.

One in four workers is struggling in silence with problems such as anxiety, low mood and stress.

"Half the people at work are living with a mental health problem - either now or it's in the past".

Following his Heads Together campaign in partnership with the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex, the royal launches his new initiative to change the way United Kingdom employers look at mental health in the workplace.

More than 58,000 working days were lost as a result at Yorkshire's fire, police and ambulance services, an increase of 33 per cent since 2014/15.

"I took a lot home without realising it, " William told the crowd at the event.

William said he wanted the gateway to be a "big shift in working culture" and ensure that dealing with mental health is a part of the everyday working life.

The Duke of Cambridge will today launch a free online initiative for employers and employees to collate information, advice, resources and training that workplaces can use to improve wellbeing.

"Now is the time for a step change in how we think about mental health at work".

The project is run by Mind and Heads Together, the foundation set up by Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Half of all employees are impacted by poor mental health.

Furthermore, the impact of mental health issues doesn't just affect the personal life of the person who is living with it, it also has repercussions for businesses and the economy.

'Just starting a conversation on mental health can make a huge difference.

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