Will Meghan Markle attend her family reunion?

Markle who is'bitterly upset for not attending their wedding in May wants to hug Meghan after private phone numbers to the newlyweds have been cut off

Will Meghan Markle attend her family reunion?

Meghan has been estranged from Samantha and their father, Thomas Markle, since before her royal wedding to Prince Harry because of their shared habit of talking to the media about her.

Meghan's cousins only learned about their connections to her right before the big day in May.

Meghan Markle has so far remained tight lipped on all of her family drama. "She needs to wake up and be a kind person".

A family member told the magazine: "The wedding was a real turning point". They're known as the Raglands of Georgia.

The Australia and New Zealand tour will be Meghan and Harry's second foreign tour as a married couple, and Meghan's third, as she had visited the country in 2015.

Then there's her family. Meghan's ancestor Steve Ragland was born into slavery in 1848.

Thomas Markle (left) has spoken to the media numerous times about his daughter Meghan Markle.

"It was very wearing on her. It's her private life". "The beginning of marriages are not that easy, but to have that impetus of your own family being disloyal is disgusting and embarrassing".

Samantha Markle has taken to her Twitter account to slam the Duchess of Sussex as the "DuchASS". The DUCHA** should be human to our father who has given her everything...

One insider tells the outlet that 'She's finding it hard to know who to trust'. "The duchA** can bow to the daddy". But since announcing her engagement to the British royal a year ago and their wedding in May, she has moved full-time to the United Kingdom where she is trying to forge genuine connections of her own.

"People need to stop being so blinded by glare of celebrity status and wealth", she wrote, as quoted by the Evening".

And she's also now one of the most scrutinised, with her every move and outfit picked apart during every public appearance. "I am not surprised Trump said he could shoot someone and still get votes".

Apparently, Meghan was using "quite a theatrical-based technique" as she got out of the vehicle on arrival. For the sunny summer wedding, Meghan wore a navy Club Monaco dress and a matching fascinator, while her husband coordinated by pairing a royal blue vest and light blue tie with his traditional morning coat and gray striped pants.

In December of previous year, Priddy spoke to the Daily Mail about the end of their friendship.

"I see it in her eyes, I see it in her face and I see it in her smile. He's got a real soft spot for her and thinks she's the best thing to have happened to Harry".

"By pushing him forward ever so slightly, she boosts the Prince's ego and profile, making him feel more of an alpha male in the situation".

"Charles has been very supportive of Meghan and everything she is going through with her own father".

As for her British-based friends, it's believed she's trying to forge bonds with Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham. "It was literally skin care, a bit of foundation selectively and concealer, but that's when you really saw her skin come through". "She's made her decision and that's it", she said.

"It's this shutdown mechanism she has".

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