Apple Watch Series 4 crashing and rebooting due to DST bug



The changing of the seasons is causing havoc for Apple Watch Series 4 users, with a spate of crashes reported in Australia, caused by Daylight Saving changes. This adjustment in the time appears to be causing issues with the latest Apple Watch.

That issue was complicated by the fact that one time zone observes daylight time and the other doesn't. This is because the Activity complication on the Infographic Modular face is unable to draw up a timeline of the day with one of the hours missing.

There is an Activity Complication feature in the watch that shows users hour-by-hour data of exercise minutes, calories spent, and stand hours that create the Activity rings on the watch face.

When clocks change there isn't the standard 24 hours in a single day, and that seems to be causing the issue. The device would boot, try and load the complications, fail to load them, and then reboot again hoping to start up correctly each time. The repeated rebooting stops only when the Watch gets low on its battery.

Some owners had success removing the Inforgraph Modular face using the companion Watch iPhone app. Others did hard factory resets.

Australia has now moved to DST, so it has advanced its clock by an hour. Apple apparently has only few weeks left to fix this bug before it reaches the European market.

"It's entirely possible that the Apple Watch Series 4 might even handle the different DST (reversing an hour instead of advancing) in Europe and North America gracefully". The Watch costs $399 and comes with top features like ability to take ECG, fall detection, improved speaker, watch OS 5 and more. The Nike+ Series 4 is available for purchase in several countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia and some European and Asian markets.

"Apple Watch Nike+" sports four styles with band-variants in 40mm and 44mm sizes with cellular and Wi-Fi+GPS only model options. Apple in response released an update to its mobile OS - iOS 12.0.1 - which fixes the issue.

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