Application Kicks Off Battle Against Predators — Instagram Against Bullying

Kindness camera effect with Maddie Ziegler                  Instagram

Kindness camera effect with Maddie Ziegler Instagram

This came with the announcement of new tools on the platform to combat bullying and a new way of identifying and reporting bullying.

In a statement, the company also pay attention to the fact that many users are not alerted to the harassment of the moderators of the service.

Instagram is taking a stand against cyber-bullying. Mosseri said this advancement, which is rolling out now and will continue to do so over the coming weeks, is helpful as many bullying victims and observers don't report it. If the AI tool decides a photo is unkind or unwelcome, it will be sent to Instagram's community operations team for further review, according to CNet.

It is also aimed at protecting Instagram's youngest members, since teens often experience high rates of online torment.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention month in the US, Instagram has unveiled its latest AI features that aims to help tackle cyberbullying by scanning posted content.

The company also introduced a bullying comments filter for live videos, which can detect and block offensive words during a live stream.

This feature works in the same vein to the anti-bullying comment filter that was rolled out earlier this year for Feed, Explore and Profile.

Finally, Instagram wants its users to spread kindness, and to help do that, it has launched a new camera effect that puts hearts on the screen when in selfie mode.

Still, artificial intelligence will assist in the effort to "proactively detect bullying" on the platform, stepping in with machine learning where human detection often fails, as reported by The Verge.

In May, the company started filtering out bullying comments meant to harass or upset people. If you follow Ziegler, you get the effect automatically. In rear mode, kind comments in different languages will appear for a user to post. You are encouraged to tag a friend to support; they in turn receive a notification, and can share it to their own story or use the filter to pay it forward.

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