Breast Cancer Survivor Organizes Charity Walk in Calhoun City

Breast Cancer Survivor Organizes Charity Walk in Calhoun City

Breast Cancer Survivor Organizes Charity Walk in Calhoun City

Doctor Dana Jackson, diagnostic radiology and breast cancer specialist at GLH, said he appreciates Fultz sharing her experiences.

They claimed that half of all women who die from breast cancer do so due to poor access to adequate treatment.

However, this number, the report stated, could be an underestimate as at present only 15 per cent of the population is covered by cancer registries.

"As per interviews with key stakeholders, there could be an under-reporting of almost 50-100 per cent varying with every state", it said.

As per the ICMR data, India had 14 lakh cancer patients in 2016 and this number is expected to increase. Yet, states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar meagrely contribute to cancer data. Ellyn Davidson says knowledge is power and if we know our risks - especially at a young age - we can do something about it.

"Breast cancer is a complex disease with multiple causes, types and treatment options", she said. I always reassure my male patients that, even though male breast cancer is rare, it does happen, and they are not alone."Research has shown there is an increase risk of breast cancer in men who have the BRCA 2 gene mutation, she said".

As many as 450 coupons for free mammograms and breast cancer checks were given away to female staff to encourage early detection of the disease.

The charity helps towards funding research across the United Kingdom to help find a cure for breast cancer at all stages.

"We brought a whole bunch of people here to support breast cancer", said Kim Nash of Think Pink Granite Bay.

A lot of patients are being diagnosed in their late 20s or early 30s as well. Jackson said if the tumor crosses two or more quadrants of the breast-i.e. upper-inner upper-outer, lower-inner and lower-outer-a mastectomy is usually necessary, followed by radiation, chemo or a combination of the two.

India faces additional challenges in terms of disease profile, the report said. Breast cancer survival rates have improved about 1 percent per year over the last 30 years thanks to advances in treatments and chemotherapy/radiation techniques.

The median age of diagnosis in this country is 61.

"The problem is grave in rural India. Before you make diagnosis a of a cancer, first of all, you have to examine the person, and have taken x-rays and ultra-sound.You have to take a biopsy so you need to put a needle into whatever you find and send some to the lab, and it is only the lab that can definitely confirm that someone has a cancer ".

The white paper also pointed out that there is a lack of the comprehensive cancer research and data covering all the aspects of breast cancer in India.

The CII report has recommended implementing standard breast cancer screening guidelines across India and engaging key stakeholders (NGOs and public healthcare infrastructure) to enable efficient implementation of these guidelines.

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