Despite Terrible Odds, Texans Taking A Chance At Mega Millions Fortune

Despite Terrible Odds, Texans Taking A Chance At Mega Millions Fortune

Despite Terrible Odds, Texans Taking A Chance At Mega Millions Fortune

And while the Iowa Lottery promotes fun and big jackpots, like Mega Millions, information about help for problem gambling is printed on the back of every lottery ticket.

But with the lottery, there's no proof you won't win - until you don't. Mathematically, you're not being rational if you think you have a chance of winning the jackpot, whether it's with one ticket or 100 tickets. Fernando Chavez, 27, said if he wins he would immediately hire a financial adviser.

"I want to do kind of like a little community for homeless veterans with tiny homes so build a little community for them", said Doyle. But if someone does win they can take the lump sum of $904 million which will be anywhere between $490 million to $569 million dollars after taxes.

Here in CNY, many people are saying they'll be on the charitable side if they win.

But these hours leading up to the announcement of the winning ticket are the best part, he insists.

And the mathematicians 'are less likely to be excited for a win.

True gamblers are easy to spot, according to Dr Yeager. But the excitement could mean something else for those with a gambling addiction.

'There's just enough winning that you'll keep playing, ' says Dr Yeager. They put $20 in and they're not getting anything out, so they put in another $20'. And let's hear it for Rhode Island, the smallest population state to have won a Mega Millions jackpot in the past five years. Gambling counselors say lotto fever can "trigger" those with gaming addictions.

And those prone to addictive gambling behavior tend to be the ones who don't handle winning as well. Almost every victor opts for cash, which is the amount of money the lottery folks actually have in the bank ready to pay out to the company that would fund the annuity.

'For example, they stop working and start drinking more and that leads to poor decision-making that causes them some trouble.

Dr Yeager is confident he will not fall into that trap.

"I'd buy a few properties, get my family in order and share with my neighbourhood", said Chavez, who lives in the Harlem neighbourhood of Manhattan.

After a moment of thought, he added: 'Maybe I'd buy a house by the beach'.

But the chances are rising that a victor or winners will emerge after the numbers are called.

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