Disney Debuts First Look At Live-Action 'Aladdin' Remake

Will Smith

Disney Debuts First Look At Live-Action 'Aladdin' Remake

Disney knows a good thing when they see it, so they're all-in on live-action remakes of their animated hits.

"LEMME OUT!" wrote Smith, who plays Genie in the movie. "Can't wait for y'all to see Me BLUE!" .

As nearly everyone knows, Genie has been trapped inside the lamp for thousands of years, but once the street-rat-turned-phony-prince Aladdin rubs its side, Genie is finally free. It's fitting that Smith was the one to tease the trailer, as he also shared the first photo of the cast on set in September 2017. Aladdin plans to uses these wishes to win over the handsome Princess Jasmine, but the evil Jafar has other plans.

The film is a remake of 1992 animated film that ended up bagging two Oscars. With the release just over six months away, the first poster has now been revealed - sure to evoke intense feelings of nostalgia for anyone with fond memories of the 1992 version. The late Robin Williams voiced the legendary Genie character in one of his most memorable roles. The direction of the film is being handled by Guy Ritchie. The film is directed by Guy Ritchie and although his previous films like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. underperformed critically and financially, the iconic director is giving the realm of big-budget adaptations another shot with next year's Aladdin. Everyone's favorite big screen actor has shared a sneak peek at his upcoming Aladdin movie.

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