Fergie's estranged husband fuming at 'prick' Draymond Green over anthem laugh

Josh Duhamel right defended his ex-wife Fergie's sultry performance of the national anthem

Josh Duhamel right defended his ex-wife Fergie's sultry performance of the national anthem

The defending National Basketball Association champions have social media's full attention after turning up to pop singer Fergie.

According to reports, the locker room celebration might have something to do with Warriors' Draymond Green and Fergie's ex-husband Josh Duhamel.

Fergie issued a statement the next day in which she admitted her performance " didn't strike the intended tone".

Josh Duhamel, Fergie's ex-husband, has clapped back at the Golden State Warriors after the team posted a hilarious response to Duhamel calling out Draymond Green for allegedly causing all the backlash following Fergie's awful number.

"The thing that made me upset was that she has taken a lot of really cruel comments", Duhamel said.

"The entire world laughed at that performance", Green tweeted. I thought he was kind of a p--. "I just thought if he would've been a real man, he would've at least called her and said, 'Listen, I'm sorry that I caused all this'".

Duhamel would circle back later Friday night and accept the L - but Green let him know that the genie is out of the bottle on this one.

Fergie didn't win any rave reviews for her performance of the USA national anthem at this year's NBA All-Star Game, a freakish take on the oft-sung song that can charitably be described as "unique". Why Duhamel wanted Green's apology specifically doesn't make much sense.

The Warriors clearly got wind of Duhamel's interview, and in an apparent response created a dance remix of Fergie's anthem performance for the team's post-game celebration on Friday night, which somehow manages to be even funnier than the original. The Wizards' confidence can't be high right now, because they got absolutely torched by the two-time MVP.

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