Four Jaguars detained in London at bar

Four Jaguars Detained After Nightclub Incident in London Players Named

Four Jaguars Detained After Nightclub Incident in London Players Named

It appears that any discipline imposed on the four players arrested early Saturday for allegedly trying to skip out on a $64,000 bar tab in London won't include making them inactive for the game at Wembley Stadium.

The four players arrested have been named as Barry Church, D.J. Hayden, Ronnie Harrison and Jarrod Wilson, according to ESPN.

According to The Sun, the players drank champagne costing £450 a bottle, and vodka.

A statement from London police on Sunday confirmed that officers had responded to reports of a brawl as four men attempted to leave the nightclub at around 4am without paying the bill, but that the players had been released.

In a statement, the team said: "We are aware that four of our players were detained over restitution of a bill".

Of course the matter is being "handled internally" by the Jaguars because that ensures that all of their players will be active for the game tomorrow.

Rapoport adds that the arrests may have come after a misunderstanding.

The Jaguars have been adopted as one of England's favorite National Football League teams, as they have played in London each of the last five years. He contends that expensive bottles of alcohol were being sent to the players' table, and that they thought someone else was paying for them. Jacksonville is playing the Eagles in London Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. ET.

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