Google launches connected speaker with screen, but no camera

Google Home Hub

Google launches connected speaker with screen, but no camera

The Nest Hello Doorbell is also going to work a bit better with smart displays now.

Google and Facebook have joined Amazon in offering the next wave of home speakers, Alexa with a twist, with a video display.

The Google Home Hub is one of the niftiest little gadgets set to hit the market, but a criticism of the Google branded Smart Display is that without a camera it's a little lacking next to its cousins from Lenovo and JBL. The Google Home Hub has acceptable audio, but it won't fill the room at full volume.

As Google brings all of this and more to users on its first-gen smart display, Microsoft's Home Hub dreams may remain an unknown concept and yet another frustrating miss Microsoft watchers can add to Redmond's pile of what could have been. In addition to this update, Google Home Speaker is also getting a playback speed control feature that will allow the users to increase or decrease the playback speed of news and podcasts.

The long-awaited Google hardware event took place on Tuesday, but we're still unpacking a lot of the updates and announcements from the company.

It's definitely odd to see Google develop an entire ecosystem for third-party Assistant smart displays, and then use something else for its own device.

You will now get the Google Assistant in the lockscreen, Google notes in a blog.

Live TV: Many network and cable TV shows can be viewed via a $39.99 subscription to Hulu Live TV. Then, we'll move into Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, new Chromecast, and general themes out of the festivities. In our Assistant Showdown, Google Assistant edged out Alexa, but just barely.

We already know that the Google Home Hub has a few features not yet found on the other smart displays - such as the ability to control all smart home devices at a glance with the Home View feature. We've already seen smart displays with Google Assistant baked in from the likes of Lenovo and LG, and now Google has launched one of its own. You will be able to opt for it in the phone's Assistant settings. Google's Super Res Zoom is impressive indeed, but the clarity doesn't even come close to matching the photo captured using the iPhone XS's optical zoom. (But remember, you can turn the Echo Show's camera off). Or, you can ask "How much time have I spent on my phone today" to keep track of your time spent on the phone. And with its built-in smart-home hub and camera for video calling and Skype, it's really shaping up to be an all-purpose device for smart-home owners.

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