Google Pixel users can screen spam calls

Google Pixel users can screen spam calls

Google Pixel users can screen spam calls

In a year of same-old smartphones, Google is pitching one that's sexy on the inside. Believe it or not, it can make calls for you, too.

A rounded fingerprint sensor and a single camera sensor also sit on the back of both devices. The one flourish: a brightly painted power button.

Google didn't mention any specific availability other than "later this year", but you can jump on the waiting list starting today if you feel this is the flawless productivity or multimedia machine for you. The Internet giant has made its own hardware a vessel for its advances in artificial intelligence, which promise to personalize online experiences and save people extra seconds in a multitude of ways. It even wakes you up gradually with a smart alarm clock feature and connects to your Google Home devices and Nest devices to work as a pocket-sized hub for your house. "It can have an understanding of you".

The company, which disclosed a bug in its Google+ social site on Monday that it had known about for at least seven months, advertised proprietary security on the tablet that includes built-in virus protection and automatic operating system updates.

Although Google did not make any announcements about it on-stage, there's a new Chromecast. On the back of the phones is a 12.2MP 28mm f/1.8 (35mm equiv.) dual-pixel camera.

Google Pixel 3 features a matte finish on glass that the tech firm claims will allow for a better feel in the hand.

Although why anyone would choose to buy hardware from a pure software company, especially one that has repeatedly been found to abuse its users' private data, is absolutely beyond us.

Google Lens has been integrated into the Pixel 3's camera, meaning contextual information can instantly provided to owners of the new Android flagship. And it has no problems charging the phone inside a case. When it's not showing you a weather forecast or playing YouTube music videos, it'll serve as a digital photo frame showing a carefully curated selection of your snaps saved in Google Photos.

With the dock, the Pixel 3 can be your alarm clock, but it can be quiet when you want it to.

If youre interested, the Pixel Stand is available for pre-order today, it will cost you $79 / €79 / £69. Google may call this feature original, but it's essentially a copycat of what you can do with Key Photos in iOS. That starts with answering the phone for you. It comes in three colors-Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua, and Sand.

For example, we reviewed Loop a year ago: a standalone portable screen that connected up various digital services and let you communicate with others.

On the Pixel 3 screen, you see an instant transcript of the caller's responses so you can decide whether to pick up. From the short time I spent with it, the keyboard was very comfortable to use.

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