How the new Disco Domination LTM works in Fortnite, including latest changes

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Here is some gameplay of the new LTM, courtesy of popular Fortnite YouTuber 'dakotaz'. This one is V6.02 and the big tentpole additions are things we've previously seen teased by the daily news messages.

Another new Fortnite update has rolled out today, patch v6.02 adding the new Quad Launcher and Disco Domination Limited-Time Mode to Battle Royale, as well as the beam-firing Noble Launcher to Save the World.

The team features two teams of 50 players and five Dance Floors, which will appear on the map anytime the Storm is not moving.

Once capturing one of the floors, the team's "dance bar" will begin filling up until an enemy player stands on the floor or the Storm begins to move to the next circle. The bar fills faster when the match is in later stages, which is meant to help teams lagging behind stage comebacks. The patch notes add: "It is not possible to build on or over the dance floors, but they can be protected by surrounding them with a fort".

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Firing up to four lobbed rockets in succession, the Quad Launcher is available in Epic and Legendary variants, deals 80/84 base damage and has an explosion radius of 300 units.

The update also includes a number of smaller fixes and balance changes, perhaps most notable of which is a fix on Xbox One to improve performance, which will result in a hefty 10GB update on that system.

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