Kanye West Clarifies "Abolish The 13th Amendment" Tweet; Celebs And Media React

Now, as fans were quick to point out, it's likely Kanye was talking about removing the amendment's wording that legally allows for unpaid servitude by convicted criminals, as suggested by his follow-up tweets saying the amendment should be "amended", rather than struck down.

The rapper wore his Make American Great Again cap along the way, and posted an Instagram message detailing some of his beliefs.

Kanye West's statements about slavery have landed him in the crosshairs of millions of Americans.

Despite his support for the current president, he also reiterated his previous pledge to run for president in 2020, and it's safe to say viewers weren't impressed.

Or even the ever-hopeful Questlove.

In his initial tweet, West said that his hat "represents good and America becoming whole again". Along with that, he said that America is on the path to abolishing the 13th amendment and that jobs will be provided to all those who are free from prison. "Message sent with love".

In the caption to the above Insta pic, where West is once again seen wearing his pro-Trump "MAGA" hat, he referred to abolishing the 13th amendment. "We are the solution that heals".

West recently made a stir - one that got actor Chris Evans to clap back at him - when he took to Twitter on September 30 to share a photo to his fans.

Chris Evans, who has made a name for himself playing Captain America in the Avengers universe, took to Twitter to respond to West's latest rant.

"I can only assume you relate to his personality on some level", she added.

She continued to write that both Trump and Kanye - who have both voiced their love for the other - have 'extreme issues with narcissism'. "Message sent with distaste for idiocy".

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