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According to Dr Nnena Ezeigwe, the Head of Non-Communicable Diseases, "The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) is concerned about the rising cases of mental health disorders and associated substance abuse". It is therefore surprising that so many businesses continue to ignore how mental health can impact their company - and how their company can affect mental health too. As reported in 2012, the country's rate of teenage suicide was three times higher than the world average, which clearly depicts the serious issue of low mental health in Russian Federation.

The PM's announcement comes a day after the National Audit Office said the government may be "even further away than it thought" from achieving its goal of equal access to physical and mental health services for young people.

The players took part in activities highlighting celebrities who have spoken about mental health issues, and another which saw a player holding one beanbag for every pressure, worry or demand that the players could have.

Open discussions allow employees to communicate openly about mental health and are a great way to spread awareness about mental health issues in the workplace and promote a greater understanding of the topic.

Health secretary Matt Hancock, who was previously the minister for Portsmouth in 2014, said the suicide rate is at its lowest for seven years - but each is a tragic but "preventable" death. Results from our Workplace Wellbeing Index show that 48 per cent of employees have experienced a mental health problem at their current job.

"Anyone who cares about poverty, education, social cohesion or economic progress should work to improve mental health, putting the vast knowledge we have on promotion, prevention and care, into action". "The youth are the future of our country and we need to act to prevent the devastating consequences of them losing their hope for the future", Dr Seape said.

Measurement: Let's help school leaders understand what works by introducing a mental wellbeing measure in schools. We need conversation between young people and adults to determine the issues within the system, and evidence-based research to address these issues.

The second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit takes place in London today.

Here are some statistics that give you an idea of just how prevalent mental health conditions are among the Australian population.

"World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder to raise awareness and initiate conversations to improve mental wellbeing in the communities we serve".

Although Marisa was not bullied on the internet, she says it was a common occurrence in her peer group.

Mental health services are available for free on the NHS, while there are a number of helplines and charities that offer support.

"If we change our attitude to mental health - we change the world".

This proactive use of technology is happening as significant proportions of people report mental health challenges, with more than half (55 percent) of respondents saying they're either experiencing mental health issues now or have had mental health issues in the past.

South Africa's first and only mental health policy in 2013 advocated for a move to deinstitutionalisation, or a shift to provide mental healthcare outside of hospitals and closer to where patients live.

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