McDonald’s changing its breakfast menu

Credit Justin Sullivan  Getty Images

Credit Justin Sullivan Getty Images

The sandwiches are inspired by people who custom-order oversized breakfast sandwiches, which McDonald's says happens quite a bit.

McDonald's has always been the king of fast food breakfast, but there's no denying that its menu has grown a wee bit stale over the years.

Triple Stacks come, well, stacked on three bread options: a fluffy biscuit, a toasted McMuffin bun or a sweet McGriddle cake.

Many popular chains are rumored to have secret menus - and a proper etiquette on how to order from them. Packed inside are two sausage patties, crispy bacon and an egg, plus, two slices of melted American cheese.

The new sandwiches are also said to be inspired by customers who have been "hacking the menu" to create their own unique breakfast items.

1, however, the chain will be debuting its new "Triple Breakfast Stack" sandwiches, featuring triple the meat, and double the cheese, than its traditional McMuffins, McGriddles or biscuit-based sandwiches. "We love seeing the fun ways our customers and McDonald's crew have been creating their own takes on our classics". It put self-order kiosks in restaurants, added new menu items, and focused on delivery as part of a massive effort to modernize U.S. restaurants.

The Triple Breakfast Stacks will be available for a limited time nationwide beginning November 1.

Breakfast has become an unlikely battleground in the fast-food world, and with the stakes getting ever higher, McDonald's is planning on dropping an A-bomb. Other positive changes include McDonald's move from margarine to real butter, a commitment to fully transition to cage-free eggs in the USA and Canada by 2025, and the McCafé relaunch in 2017 featuring more tastes and choices at the convenience and value only McDonald's can offer.

"It's very competitive out there at breakfast", said CEO Stephen Easterbrook. "Triple Breakfast Stacks are the latest customer-led menu innovation, and we are proud to share them nationally for a limited time as part of our continued journey to build a better McDonald's".

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