MI man's doorstop rock turns out to be a $100k meteorite

The meteorite is the sixth-largest found in Michigan

SCIENCE Grand Rapids man's doorstop is $100,000 meteorite The meteorite is the sixth-largest found in Michigan

Central Michigan University said the meteorite's owner has pledged to give 10 percent of a sale's proceeds to fund Earth and atmospheric sciences students at the university, which would technically make it a schoolhouse rock.

The rock, which at the time was used to prop open doors, was taken by the farm's new owner when he eventually sold the property, and only just got around to seeing if it was actually a true meteorite.

"The answer has been categorically "no" - meteor wrongs, not meteorites", she said jokingly.

"I could tell right away that this was something special", she said, noting that it's the sixth-largest meteorite found in MI. Weighing 22 pounds, it's the sixth-largest recorded find in MI - and potentially worth $100,000, according to CMU.

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", she added.

What's 88.5 percent iron, 11.5 percent nickel and worth $100,000? She then sent two small slices of the rock to the Smithsonian for confirmation. When the man asked the former homeowner about the intriguing rock, the ex-owner revealed that it is a meteorite that smashed on the property back in the 30s.

The man named David, who didn't want his last name used says the rock has been used as a doorstop in a barn for decades. The space rock continued to perform that job for decades, only recently being identified as something very unique and valuable.

He says the meteorite came with the barn he bought in Edmore back in 1988. "I'm done using it as a doorstop".

The Smithsonian and a mineral museum in ME are considering purchasing the meteorite for display, according to CMU.

"A piece of the early solar system literally fell into our hands", Dr Sirbescu said in a video made by the university to promote its discovery. "I wonder how much mine is worth", he said. A colleague there further analyzed the sample, including with an acid test to reveal the Widmanstätten pattern, a property of most iron-nickel meteorites that can not be faked.

Mazurek said that when he sells the meteorite, he'll donate some of the money to the university.

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